The Zimbabwean reports that, following the expulsion of worshipers aligned to the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) from the St Faith’s church premises in Budiriro, Bishop Nolbert Kunonga remained with only six congregants, including the pastor and his family. The remaining worshipers were no longer able to pay assessment to Kunonga.

A group of unemployed university graduates approached Kunonga for a permission to use the big church to open a school. Kunonga embraced the idea and Bethel Academy opened its doors to the public and enrolled students for O’ Level, A’ Level and professional studies tutorials. Enrollment at the college was so overwhelming that the students now do hot-seating.

Following the information that the college was making good money, Kunonga increased the monthly rent from $500 to $650 per month, excluding water and electricity. The college authorities said they were surprised that a man of the cloth like Kunonga had abandoned evangelizing the gospel of Christ in preference to lining his own pocket. They said that there was need to look for alternative accommodation since the church premises were at the centre of controversy between Kunonga and Bishop Chad Gandiya’s.