Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

Anglican Church has set up a committee to establish an institution of higher learning the church can build Bishop Chad Gandiya has revealed.

The Church of the Central Province of Central Africa which inherited a ballooning debt from the excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, who had forcibly occupied the church properties for five years, is still on a recovery path, however, things are going on well.

“A committee has been set up by the standing committee of our diocese to look into the possibilities of establishing an institution of higher learning. We don’t know what form that institution will be at the moment but the committee into it,” Bishop Gandiya said.

Gandiya said the church had completed a feasibility study on some of the properties one in particular the church’s intention to construct a conference and convention center that will include a health and life style in Glendale. The church has already invested around US$5 million the wedding venue and outdoor.

Gandiya said work is already in progress in renovating some of our institutions that had been left to dilapidation and “our education secretary is working with the heads of our schools on renovating those schools and improving them and so as a diocese.”

Gandiya said hailed church members whom he hailed for being, “tremendous in the support of their diocese. They have given sacrificiously so that we can exist.”

On the debt that the church is owing Gandiya said the church has liaised with city council and Zesa to pay what they afford until the debt is cleared.

 “When you think of 98 thousand dollars that’s only one of several debts owed that’s going to take us years and its painful-it’s painful for me as a leader-its painful for the members of the church they did not incur these debts,” Gandiya said.

Since 2007, the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe suffered a division between the internationally recognised Church of the Provinces of Central Africa (CPCA) and breakaway Kunonga of Harare until last year when the courts ordered the later to vacate the church buildings.

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