reprinted with minor additions and corrections from the Newsday
A new Christian magazine Emmanuel hit the streets of Harare at the beginning of April. The magazine’s managing editor Stanley Katungamidza said, “Emmanuel is a Christian magazine that is published and printed in South Africa and distributed throughout Zimbabwe. At present, the monthly run is 5,000.”
The monthly magazine, published by Eclipse Productions, has already produced three copies since November last year.

“The initial page content was 36 pages, however, due to demand we have increased it to 40 pages. Again, this will be expected to increase as we grow,” Katungamidza said. “The majority of the content of Emmanuel will include general Christian or church news from denominations across the world. Also included in the publication are entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, health, travel, business, sport and advertising.”

RelZim previously wrote about other Christian periodicals to surface in Zimbabwe like Set Alight and Gospel Times. Popular evangelist Emmanuel Makandiwa has also been reported to launch a monthly magazine and, possibly, a newspaper.