Gweru  — A 70-year-old Gweru businessman was yesterday ordered to pay a fine of $350, after being found guilty of pointing a firearm at a man who was worshipping near his bar premises.

Luke Rodgers Nkomo, who resides at 14 Steedman Gweru, approached the complainant, who was worshipping near his bar and asked him to leave the place, saying it was within his premises.

Nkomo, who owns Sibantubanye bar and a farm, further accused the complainant, Ranganai Chingoma of Mkoba 5, of polluting his premises with human waste.

Magistrate Getrude Mayenyoso said although she had considered the accused’s advanced age and that he had experienced rampant thefts at his business premises, a deterrent sentence was proper to prevent like-minded people from taking the law into their own hands.

She said the complainant suffered harassment with a gun pointed at him and that if accused suspected him, Chingoma, of being a criminal, he should have reported the matter to the police.

The accused person was slapped with a $350 fine, in default, he will serve three months in prison.

It was the State’s case that on July 21, the complainant went to his place of worship near Nkomo’s bar.

While the complainant was at his place of worship, the accused approached him and asked him to leave saying Chingoma was within the perimeter of his premises.

An altercation arose between the two men, with Nkomo producing a pistol and pointing it at Chingoma.

The complainant left the scene and made a report to the police, leading to Nkomo’s arrest.