The St. Bakhita Centre situated in the Jesuit-run Makumbi mission was consecrated last Saturday  May, 14 by the Archbishops Robert. C. Ndlovu (Harare), Kocherry (the Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe), Bishop L. Pizzi (Italian diocese of Forli) and Auxiliary Bishop Patrick Mutume (Mutare).

St. Bakhita Centre students at the cosecration mass.

This Centre began its activity last year. At present, it offers the courses in sewing, rosary-making  and shoe-making.

The St. Bakhita Centre operates under the auspicious of a private voluntary organization Ruvarashe Trust that caters to people with disabilities and in a state of destitution. The Trust  has the Head of the Archdiocese of Harare as its President.

The Centre bears the name of a Sudanese saint.