“We do not have to be ashamed of anything, we are a great people, let us love, respect and celebrate one another.” These were the words spoken by Pastor Tom Deuschle, the President and Founder of Celebration Ministries, the ‘mother’ of Celebration Music, when he launched two albums from the stable  at the Celebration Centre on June 6.

The two albums which are one from Bonnie Deuschle and the Celebration Choir and another from the youthful group Celebrate Young were both written recorded and produced in Zimbabwe.

“Yahweh” brings out Bonnie and Celebration Choir’s passion of taking the message of reformation to the world. The thirteen-track album was hugely inspired by Bonnie’s thirty-year long journey of music ministry. Bonnie has toured Zimbabwe, Africa and America. Each of her performances and experiences brewed up the songs that make up “Yahweh.” This album brings in a new chapter to the Celebration Music, with the introduction of singing in Swahili. The track “Nakupenda” was conceptualized after the 2011 Kenya tour that saw Bonnie and the Choir perform in two sold-out concerts in Nairobi.

“Found Love” is a debut from the Celebrate Young, a band led by Tom and Bonnie Deuschle’s eldest son Tommie and his young brother Daniel. After realising that the youths have been influenced by worldly music, Celebrate Young set on winning them back to the Lord, through catchy, fresh sounds that surely will get many to dance and worship God. The producer of the  seven-track album, Daniel Deuschle, said, “The song ‘Mbichana Mvura,’ does not mean much really, but it is for all Zimbabweans out there to remember that no matter what happens, we are still Zimbabweans and this is our home. And we have reasons to smile when we think about Zimbabwe.”

Pastor Tom and Bonnie applauded members of Celebration Church for responding to God’s call to reform nations, their family, the media and the fans who choose to listen to God ministering to them through music. “We are honoured to sing for Zimbabwe, and that, after three decades, we are still able to produce music that carries a message of hope to Zimbabwe.”

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