Bonnie Deutscle

Celebration Music comes up with two fresh albums

June 8, 2012
“We do not have to be ashamed of anything, we are a great people, let us love, respect and celebrate one another.” These were the words spoken by Pastor Tom Deuschle, the President and Founder of Celebration Ministries, the ‘mother’ of Celebration Music, when he launched two albums from the stable ...

Celebration Centre: Action Conference (May 23-29)

April 13, 2011
May 23-29, the Celebration Centre holds their annual Action Conference under the title “Walking in Wisdom“. This year’s guests are Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin and Nicole C. Mullen. Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin is the visionary and founding pastor for The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship,  Co-Chancellor of The Potter’s House Christian Academy and CEO of Kingdom Plaza ...