The church in Magunje in Hurungwe under Mashonaland West province is appealing to President Robert Mugabe to intervene in the post election political violence which has erupted.

President Robert Mugabe has for the past five years been calling for peace and tolerance among the communities.

But his call for peace in Magunje’s Kebvunde seems to be ignored by his Zanu-PF members who are being accused of threatening MDC supporters with evictions.

Pastor Lloyd Mapfumo of the African Maranatha Faith Ministry in Magunje says his church is failing to contain the violent situation which is threatening peace.

MDC-T supporters who include village head Samuel Munjoma.

The village head was last weekend ordered by Zanu-PF members in the area to vacate Magunje together with their followers.

“We are conducting peace campaign meetings here trying to teach people that they should not fight .We are telling them that they should live in harmony,” pastor Mapfumo said.

Mapfumo said the situation is made difficult because he and his church are being labeled as partisan during the meetings.

“Even the Bible in Isaiah says we must preach peace and that is what we are doing. The other disturbing thing is that there are other churches here which are accusing us of being aligned to certain political parties. But the truth of the matter is they are the ones who are being used by political parties”, pastor Mapfumo said.

Pastor Mapfumo also said the perpetrators are disturbing peace in the name of defending the country’s sovereignty.

“We have other church leaders who benefited from the land reform program and members of the uniformed forces who also benefited from the same program. These are the people who are making it difficult for the communities to understand our call for peace,” he added.

The villagers said they are being told that they must leave the area because their president Morgan Tsvangirai lost the election.

They also said the Zanu-PF members have already told them that they should not attempt to attend any meeting where government will be dishing out agriculture inputs.