The Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) issued a statement on the pastoral purpose of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to Zimbabwe, citing its difficult situation after the forceful dispossession of property by supporters of former bishop Nolbert Kunonga. The Church also responds to Kunonga’s accusations concerning homosexuality.

Anglicans United Despite Continued Persecution by Hooligans”

Harare, 3 October 2011– The visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Zimbabwe Dr. Rowan Williams on 9 October 2011 is a pastoral visit designed to demonstrate solidarity with the Anglican Communion in the country, in the face of ongoing persecution at the hands of ex-communicated men in Harare and Manicaland who have nothing else to do than focus their attention on destroying what generations of Anglicans built using their own resources.

His visit is to show support to Anglicans in Zimbabwe. Non-Anglicans, especially the ex-communicated man of confusion should not concern themselves with how we conduct our business.

The visit will see the Archbishop visit Malawi where they are celebrating 150 years of the existence of the Anglican Church there, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The whole Anglican Worldwide Communion has always been strengthened by these solidarity visits as they enormously strengthen and encourage Anglicans who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is glad to be part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. In Zimbabwe we are clear that WE DO NOT TOLERATE HOMOSEXUALITY in the Church. However, the Anglican Communion is a big family, full of diversity and different backgrounds. What we have in common is so much more than our few minor differences. We stand together and move forward, continuing in discussion.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is determined to succeed in its important initiatives that promote good health, access to education, and poverty eradication in line with the 2015 Millennium Development Goals agreed to by the United Nations.

Zimbabwe’s Constitution guarantees the right to worship and we as Anglicans in Zimbabwe are simply demanding the respect of our right to worship without undue interference by loyalists of an ex-communicated man. MuKristu Usanete. Namata Urinde.”

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Nolbert Kunonga’s office also commented on the Archbishop’s visit on