Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

Disparaging comments have been made against the Anglican Church over calculated moves by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Justin Selby and John Sentamu respectively, that seek to contraband an anti-biblical act by recommending same sex unions in the Church.

The two, Selby and Sentamu, have been at the fore calling for governments, especially those in Africa, to allow for same sex marriages, something that is against the Holy Bible and the African culture. This advocacy by the Church of England (CoE) has drawn fury from traditional churches that follow the teachings of the Holy Bible.

The Bible commends for a heterosexual union, one that has reproduction. The story of Lot against Sodomites who wanted to “victimize” the Angels of God is an impeccable example of the wrath that people would be inviting when they fight God’s way.

In an interview, Bishop Chad Gandiya, head of the church’s Harare Province set the record straight by highlighting that his church does not recommend same sex unions.

“We detest and condemn homosexuality. Our church does not take orders from the Archbishops of Canterbury or York because we are independent provinces. We are guided by provinces, and each province has autonomy. Our province has a composition of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana, we do not approve of same sex unions,” said the Bishop.

As a minister, bishop Gandiya said he was called by God to minister even to gays hence there is no need to discriminate but urged people to follow the teachings of the Holy Bible.

The bishop, who has been at the helm of the province of Harare for five years, gave an example that some provinces have approved “ordaining women bishops, but we cannot say anything to them because we have our constitution that we follow.”

Congregants from different denominations have been caught in the farrago of uncertainty after fears that pro-same sex union calls by Selby and Sentamu will affect the whole Anglican Church.

Added the bishop: “The calls by the two does not affect us. While we are episcopally led, we are synodically governed. There is no way one bishop will decide for other provinces. What we believe in is supported by our constitution and canons. When people say we support gayism, that is all lies.”

For the sin that was committed, men from Sodom were smote with blindness. This was designed to put an end to their attempt, and disable them from pursuing it.

Scientists have tried to ascertain the origins homosexuality and they have dismissed the view that the act is genetic. “There is no genetic evidence,” they said.

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