Both Jesuit Communications publications , Mukai/Vukani and In Touch with Church and Faith, are given away for free. But the production of both is costly. The publications are supported by generous donors, but their donations are not sufficient. 

The time has come to work towards self-support in the spirit of self-reliance. If readers want to make a donation towards the production costs of either Mukai/Vukani Jesuit journal for Zimbabwe or the In Touch with Church and Faith electronic newsletter you may do so by way of a bank transfer to Jescom account:

Account number: 020151137
Bank : NMB Bank, Angwa City, Harare.
Or you may send us a cash contribution or cheque: JESUIT COMMUNICATIONS, 1 Churchill Avenue, Alexandra Park, Harare, or : P.O. A 949 (Avondale post office)

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