Zanu-PF supporters have been trying  to control Mai Praise in the past several weeks. This woman has transformed the country’s oldest suburb of Mbare with her miracles, but now the prophetess is nowhere to be seen.

In a space of two weeks, the vagrant prophetess, as she is called in Harare, had reached stardom with people stampeding to visit her shrine that is right in the middle of a teeming bus terminus in the area.

The shadowy Zanu-PF vigilant group Chipangano made an attempt to control her, and people at Mbare Market say that Mai Praise was forced to flee because of political pressure. “Chipangano has been trying to take control of Amai Praise because she has a lot of customers, people wanted to take control of her works and earn a living through her works,” said a Mbare vendor.

According to the local vendors, members of Chipangano were charging as much as 20 USD for one to jump the queue, much to the ire of the prophetess, who charged one buck. Mai Praise’s threats that she would curse the people, who are illegally charging her patients, fell on deaf ears, and this caused her to leave,” said Mai Tonderai.

Although just a vendor, Mai Praise had the magnetism that saw even the high-heeled in Zimbabwe flocking to her shrine —  many who visited her claim to have witnessed miracles, where the deaf are said to get to hear, while the blind to see.