While some churches preach prosperity, Mount of Olives in Bulawayo is preaching the gospel of respect for the elderly who, they say, have wisdom and who are neglected by the society.

Mount Olives is a church which formed an organisation called Freedom for the Elderly People which assists senior citizens with life’s basics showing them that they are not forgotten by the Lord.

One of the founding members of the organisation Gordon Dube, “The senior citizens should not be seen queuing for anything, they should be given preference over others. We should copy the model of overseas countries which take care of their own elderly by doing everything possible to make them feel comfortable.”

Whoolo Ncube , another founding member of the church-founded NGO, told RelZim.org that the organisation is holding seminars for the elderly in every ward teaching them how to speak to their children and grandchildren. “The words of the elderly are powerful and can either curse or bless someone; hence we are teaching them to speak the right words upon their children so that their children can prosper. This is so because death and life are in the power of the tounge,”Ncube said.

He also revealed that the senior citizens are not respected in the new charismatic churches, thus they find refuge in the mainstream churches.

Ncube expressed gratitude to Bellevue Spar, wellwishers and other partners for working side by side with them in order to improve the lives of the old folk by assisting with basic commodities.