1. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

    Outspoken Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo Monday short down the prophecy of the United Family International Church (UFIC) charismatic leader Emmanuel Makandiwa that Zimbabwe has vast oil reserves.

    Responding to a tweet by a journalist, Sure Kamhunga, Moyo said prophets across the globe say strange things.

    “Prophets around the world say weird things. The difference in our case is that too many fools entertain the c**p,” said Moyo.

    Kamhunga had said “Zimbabwe prophet says country has rich oil reserves, which he saw in his vision. No words.”

    Speaking during the an all night prayer dubbed Judgment Night 3 last Friday prophet Makandiwa told congregates that thronged the National Sports Stadium in the capital that God had showed him vast untapped oil reserves that would result in the country’s economic turnaround.

    “But I’m seeing something. I’m seeing oil coming out of our grounds.

    “Just in case you think I’m guessing, I will tell you the place no one knows about so you know that in this nation, there is a prophet from God,” Makandiwa said.

    Zimbabwe is facing an extraordinary and multidimensional crisis. An estimated four million Zimbabweans have crossed the Limpopo river into South Africa as a matter of survival, more than three-quarters of the remaining population face serious food shortages, jobs losses, 94 percent of the population is officially unemployed resulting in increased vending among other economic challenges.

    Several government officials, parliamentarians, church leaders, captains of industry and international delegates attended the church service.

    Makandiwa has in the past forecasted “miracle gold” and riches for the country, but this is yet to come to pass.

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