According to ZANU-PF is readying itself for the next Zimbabwe elections by intimidating citizens, infiltrating churches and actually leading a wave of politically-motivated violence. All this is happening at the behest of some its most senior members, notably Members of Parliament.

Muzarabani South MP, Edward Raradza has been intimidating residents of his area and other surrounding areas to vote for ZANU-PF or else risk being victimised.

On February 29 this year, Raradza told a crowd in Muzarabani that going into referendum was no laughing matter and that ZANU-PF could still do what it wants since nothing could stop it. He then warned the crowd that the party had war veterans and youth militia stand ready to pounce on anyone who would go against the grain and show support for opposition parties.

Religion, Christianity especially, is being increasingly used by ZANU-PF to legitimise violence. At the same meeting, Rarardza invoked religion to put through his point. “Even with God, when some people wanted to usurp power that did not belong to them, He told them to repent but when they eventually thought of doing so, it was too late and they were swallowed by the ground on which they stood on and were buried alive,” he said.  And added: “Jesus, too, beat up people in the temple so we are not the first to beat up people.”
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