Salvation Army Student Fellowship (SASF) group at Midlands State University (MSU) recently held a three-day inter-denominational outreach programme in Budha, Lower Gweru aimed at spreading the gospel of God in rural areas.

The inter-denominational outreach programme was held from 11-13 October.

Speaking during the event, the chairperson of SASF, Tinashe Zinguwo, who was the leader of a 30 member group, revealed that the programme was to spread the gospel to the people in rural areas.

“The reason why we are here today is to spread the gospel of God to all the people through praise and worship,” he said.

Zinguwo said that they decided to visit the rural areas to spread the word of God because the villages were experiencing an array of challenges to devote themselves to God.

“Initially, we were supposed to have visited Kwekwe and preach the word of God but it came to our realisation that rural people should be given first priority.

“Salvation Army Budha Society is not expanding in terms of church members rather the statistics seems to be dwindling.

“Some church members walk a long distance of more than 5 kilometres to the church site, hence our programme also intends to visit these areas to motivate and pray with them so that their spirit will not die,’ he said.

Asked whether the programme was targeting fellow church members in rural areas he had this to say “Our target audience is not only Salvationist’s only but we do strive to also reach out to those whom are not followers of our church.

“The word of God is not for a particular church or religious denomination rather it is for everyone”.

The Budha Society Surgeon Major Andrew Sibanda hailed the efforts made by SAFS group.

Salvation Army student fellowship holds inter-denominational outreach programmes twice a year, with the aim of preaching the word of God through praise and worship.