reprinted with additions from Radio VOP

by Ngoni Chanakira

Father Fidelis Mukonori, SJ has published a book The Genesis of Violence in Zimbabwe recently.

Mukonori, President Mugabe’s long-time spiritual father, works for the Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA), a regional peace organisation based in Harare.

CPIA’s efforts are towards achieving a sustainable stable and peaceful Zimbabwe and Africa. CPIA spokesman explained that the organization commissioned Fr. Fidelis Mukonori to write the book. He said the book was being published at the right time when the nation was engaged in a public debate about violence.

 “The three principles of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) are on record for proposing joint rallies to denounce violence,” the spokesman said. “Father Fidelis Mukonori is a renowned man of the cloth who traces the historical origin of violence in Zimbabwe from 1879 to the present. In writing his book he targets all Zimbabweans by appealing to everyone to shun violence which has sadly become an accepted culture affecting present day Zimbabwean politics, particularly when the country is facing an election. Father Mukonori’s mission is to remind everyone to respect human dignity by shunning and condemning the occurrence of violence in Zimbabwe”.

The book sells for US$20 a copy.