Acting President Joyce Mujuru on Monday at the burial of a national hero Elias Kanengoni called on Zimbabweans to maintain peace in the upcoming elections.

Kanengoni, who was the CIO’s deputy director (internal) and a former Zanu PF central committee member, died after collapsing at his Concession farm last week.

Mujuru, whose Zanu PF party stands accused of perpetrating political related violence on opposition parties’ members, told thousands gathered at the national shrine that they should maintain peace the same way they did during the referendum.

No cases of political violence were recorded when people went for a referendum in March, which saw the birth of the country’s new supreme law.

“As the nation moves towards elections let us conduct ourselves in the same peaceful manner that we exhibited during the constitution making process and the just held referendum.

“I appeal to all of you to take heed of the wise counsel of the President Robert Mugabe, on the need to be tolerant, open minded and live in peace with each other despite our different political persuasions,” said Mujuru challenged the nation.

Zanu PF and MDC-T the two main political parties in Zimbabwe always have their supporters clash when the country goes for elections.

Their leaders, President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai since the formation of the coalition government four years ago have been calling for peace, tolerance and reconciliation.

Their massages however at times seem to fall o deaf ears as case of political violence erupt in some pockets of the communities.

Observers say if the politicians were serious about political violence eradication they must order the police to arrest those found perpetrating violence.

The church has of late added its voice on No to violence.

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