Prophet Uebert Angel left believers dumbfounded when he raised more than P2,4 million during a “miracle money” crusade in Botswana.

The event was broadcast on Angel’s TV channel Miracle TV.

The miracle money crusade was attended by people from South Africa, Angola, Namibia and Zambia.

“Father confound them, every skeptic, add money into their pockets, in phones, in accounts as a sign and a wonder that you have sent me. To prove that you have sent me…if I be a Prophet of God, let money appear to prove you have sent me…in the name of Jesus,” prayed Angel.

Prophet Angel told the congregants that God would work more miracles on them despite the sick having been healed.

“I know, the sick have been healed and God has spoken through miracles, and yet still God wants to deal with you in a new fashion today. I declare miracle money into your pockets, hand bags and bank accounts. Right now check your balances,” he said.

Many fumbled for their pockets and in a few seconds, a woman came out of the crowd hands filled with multiple notes of 100 Pula.

“I only had P10 in coins in my pocket and now it’s P650,” she screamed as she rolled over the notes with tears streaming down her cheeks.”

“Count it again!” Angel instructed. Kneeling, she picked the notes back into her hands and before she could finish the count she was back on the ground, face facing upwards now, “ahhhhh… haaa it’s now P1,000,” she yelled into the microphone. Angel explained that everything was possible with God.

“Jesus multiplied bread from nowhere. He multiplied fish from nowhere and to add mystery, did it in the desert where there is no water for the fish to be found.”

“The Lord also instructed Peter to go catch a fish and from its mouth collect money, only if and when you can only tell me where the fish in the Bible got its money, where Jesus’ bread came from and where the fish he multiplied came from, only then can I tell you where this money is coming from.”

“How do you expect me to explain the chemical composition of a miracle, how? You said I came to take your money now the Lord decided to give you money miraculously. It’s all Jesus and less of me.”

Angel has had several miracle crusades that have been dubbed miracle nights. To date, two hugely successful Miracle Nights have been hosted in Zambia and Botswana with bumper crowds of over 60,000.

In Zambia, the congregants at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in October was the biggest crowd ever recorded in that country’s history for a Christian gathering.