The Anglican Church and some more churches are yet again set to cross swords with Zanu-PF, as they intend to endorse the current COPAC-authored constitution draft.

Bishop Chad Gandiya, leader of the besieged Anglican Church, said that he is going to promote the endorsement of the constitution which Zanu-PF hardliners have been stalling and also intend to block from being passed in a referendum.

Speaking at the sidelines of a meeting of churches in Harare this week, Gandiya said that the Anglican Church is going to take the lead in promoting the COPAC draft. “I am going to tell the church to accept the constitution because, as far as we understand, the document is good. We hope that the people
will endorse the COPAC draft,” said Gandiya.

Observers say Gandiya’s statements will certainly raise the ire of Zanu-PF hardliners who have put the church under siege for the past five years using the police to block bona fide Anglicans from entering
their own churches.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Professor John Makumbe, who is also a member of Christian Alliance, prompted the church to teach the people about the contents of the new charter that is currently in the final stages of drafting. “The draft is very good; it’s so good that those with dictatorial tendencies will be shocked by its contents. I say it’s a good document because it contains what the people said. We have recorded what the people said. This constitution contains Christian values: abortion is not allowed and homosexuality is also not allowed. It acknowledges the supremacy of God.” 

Makumbe said that hardliners in Zanu-PF are aware that accepting the COPAC draft will consign them to memory dustbins. “The constitution provides protection of any conceivable human right. Every right is in the constitution. The church should publicly support COPAC which is being hit by Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF wants the whole process to be started over,” said Makumbe.

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny executive director Bishop Ancelimo Magaya also said that he is going to encourage his congregation to endorse the COPAC Draft.