The Anglican Church in  Zimbabwe, that is currently under siege after a court ruling in favor of renegade bishop Nolbert Kunonga, hopes to get moral support and to set the record straight on homosexuality with the visit of the Church head Dr. Rowan Williams, to arrive in  Zimbabwe in October.

Accused by Kunonga and his functionaries of backing same-sex marriages, the Anglican Church says that this is a gross fabrication that does not contain a grain of truth.

In an interview with, Rev. Clifford Dzavo, speaking on behalf of the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) in Zimbabwe, said that the visit of Dr. Williams will give them a window of hope to express their grievances. These include evictions from their churches and attacks by Nolbert Kunonga’s agents, who have, so far, taken control of over half of the Church properties countrywide.  “We hope that the Archbishop’s visit will give hope to the Anglicans in the country. We want him to pray for the Church and also to offer us moral support on the losses that we have incurred this year alone.”

Since last week, the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe lost 70 parishes, 7 mass districts and 16 schools. All these are now in the hands of bishop Kunonga including the Sherry Creeps orphanage, which served as home to 100 children.

Kunonga broke away from the CPCA in 2007 citing the Church’s acceptance of homosexuality, something that won him the favour of President Robert Mugabe. But Rev. Dzavo stressed that, unlike other bodies of the Anglican Communion that have accepted homosexuality, the Church of the Province of Central Africa has not done so and will continue to act as an independent Church with its own constitution that is not influenced by events in other countries.

Archbishop Williams has requested to meet with Robert Mugabe but the President’s office is yet to confirm whether he will be available.  

“We need prayers from Dr. Williams and we also need moral support as we go through this difficult stage,” said Rev. Dzavo.