A self-proclaimed spirit medium was manhandled by eight bouncers during a service at the United Family International Church in Chitungwiza after challenging Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Sekuru Lovemore Chiponda, who claims to be a medium for the spirit of Chaminuka (a sage from Zimbabwean folklore), says he had his traditional regalia and nine DVDs burnt after the altercation.

Sekuru Chiponda says he went to the church to confront Prophet Makandiwa to reveal the source of his power. “I had gone to challenge him for a demonstration of power so that people in Zimbabwe become aware that there is nobody who operates on a spiritual level without his ancestral spirit,” Sekuru Chiponda said.

The bouncers, he added, manhandled him before burning his red, white and black traditional robe and trying to baptise him in the name of Jesus. “I told them that they should not force me as I believe in my tradition and that it was wrong for Christians to allege that spirit mediums were demonic spirits,” he charged.

“I asked them if this meant that Zimbabweans were liberated by demonic spirits because our leaders were led to the liberation struggle by spirits including Rekai Tangwena, Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi,” he added. Sekuru Chiponda filed his report at Makoni Police Station.

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