Followers of charismatic prophet and founder of the United Family International Church (UFI) allegedly beat a traditional healer at the UFI Church in Chitungwiza last week.

According to a report made on June 2 at Zengeza Police Station Lovemore Chiponda (31) was taken to a guardroom at the UFIC church in Chitungwiza and mobbed by seven church security personnel who then descended on him with button sticks.

Chiponda was beaten allegedly for speaking in tongues- something that was deemed offensive by Emmanuel Makandiwa’s bouncers.

In a request for medical report from the Zengeza police station under criminal record or reference number OB 333/13 Chiponda was assaulted at the imposing church around 1pm.

“The patient was assaulted by accused persons and sustained injuries on his body,” reads part of the medical request.

Chiponda, who is also a self-proclaimed spirit medium, was previously attacked at the same church after he wanted to challenge the UFI leader Makandiwa to prove to the world that the prophet’s source of power was not God.

Speaking to the RelZim Chiponda said the church acted out of their Christianity roles as they showed intolerance and violence.

“I could not walk for days and up until this moment I feel pain when I urinate and they say they are church people?” he said.

“I started speaking in tongues while Makandiwa’s visiting spiritual father Victor Boateng was preaching, only confirming what he was saying in the spirit. I was escorted out supposedly going to the prayer room but I was surprised to be taken to a guard room where they put thieves and other criminals.

“That is where I got the beating of my life,” Chiponda said.

Chiponda, who claims to be sekuru Chaminuka‘s spirit medium, was earlier manhandled by body guards after challenging Makandiwa to a demonstration of power before the congregation.

He claims that his traditional regalia and nine DVDs were burnt after the altercation.

Chiponda says he wants to confront Makandiwa on the powers he is using to do his miracles, he claims Makandiwa is misleading people as he is using “mermaid spirits to do his miracles.”

Makandiwa and his counterpart Uebert Angel have been amazing the people of Zimbabwe and across borders with their miracle money and miracles babies and miracle weight loss.

Meanwhile, Chiponda has composed songs of his feud with Makandiwa and is documenting his clashes between him and the prophet.

He says after the first confrontation him and his brother became mentally unstable, resulting in his brother murdering his uncle.

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