United Family International Choir dominates the 2014 edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards scheduled for October 3 with five nominations for Best Contemporary Choral Music with three albums “Devine Solutions Vol 2 and 3” and “We Are Family Vol 1”. The choir which fellowships at Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church is also  up for Album of the Year and Best Duo/Grouop categories for “We Are Family Vol 1”.

Jah Prayzah was nominated in four categories namely Best Traditional Music (two albums), Album of the Year, Best Male and Best Collaboration for a song did with Fungisai Masahavave.

Zimdancehall act, Soul Jah Love and  got three in Best Dancehall, Best Male and Album of the Year categories.

In the Best Female category, there is Cynthia Mare, Pastor Olinda Marowa Ziwenga, Edith Weutonga, Fungisai and  Clare- Unleashed.  However, Pah Chihera was conspicuously absent in that category.

The awards show  is scheduled for the Harare International Conference Centre.

Recipient of this year’s Chairman’s award is Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira. Cde Chinx is a man who needs no introduction to the music industry and his accomplishments cannot be challenged. He is a man whose history is intertwined with the history of our nation, pre and post-independence.

According to ZIMA organisers, the award was given to “someone who made a unique contribution to nation building through music.”

The work which was considered should have been released between the August 7, 2012 and August 4, 2014.

“Normally, the period under deliberation would be the preceding year, however, as this ceremony comes after a 7 year absence, a decision was made to extend the entry window,” Joseph Nyadzayo the chairman said.

This year ZIMA introduced an online entry system that allowed artists to submit their entries electronically from wherever they were courtesy of courier ZIMPOST.

Response to the call for entries was more than expected with artists from around the country and even in the diaspora showing great interest in the awards.

However some genre categories did not get enough entries and therefore could not be adjudicated. One of these categories was Tshibikila which recorded only two  entries.

However, the adjudication panel decided that since Tshibilika has some technical similarities to sungura, the two entries were moved and judged under the sungura category.

This year’s adjudication panel constituted a combination of musical experts in media, academia, production and promotion.

“The nominees attached, reflect the professional assessment of the judges in the various categories. There is one category that is left to the public who are the main consumers of the music. This is the Song of the Year Category. The winner of this award will be determined by public vote via sms and whatsapp voting,” Nyadzayo said.


Best Traditional Music
Mawungira Enharira – “Ndodyiwa Nemakava”
Jah Prazyah –  “Tsviriyo”
Ba Shupi – “Dura”
Jah Prayzah – “Kumbumura Mhute”
Mokoomba  – “Rising Tide”

Best Contemporary Choral Music
UFI Choir – “Devine Solutions Vol 2”
UFI Choir – “Devine Solutions Vol 3”
Women Praise – “Wakanaka”
Zimpraise – “The covenant”
UFI Choir – “We Are Family Vol 1”

Best A’Capella
Pastor J Munyanyi & VaEfeso Apostolic Church – “Canaan”
Black Umfolosi – “Summertime”
Samson Tavengwa – “Inyasha”
Tehillar Worshipers – “Shungu Dzangu”
Samson Tavengwa – “NaJesu Zvinoita”

Best Sungura Music
Suluman Chimbetu – “Syllabus”
Francoman    Phuma – “Kimi”
Somandla Ndebele – “Zvemberi Makasa”
Romeo Gasa – “Pin Code”
Gonora Sounds – “Wawacha”

Best Hip Hop Music
Trey XL – “Fresh President”
Tehn Diamond – “Tehn Diamond”
Stunner – “Vatikomborera”
KLAP – “Hip hop Mosaic”
Best House Music
Djembe Monks – “Deep Love and Drums”
Khuxxman – “Vumelani Isangoma”
Skaiva     – “Skaiva Singles”
Defined House – “It’s Time”
Dr Clarence – “Mbiratronix House Mix”

Best R&B / Soul Music
Varaidzo Nyakunyika – “Varaidzo Singles”
Jay Mashaire – “Addiction”
Sanii Makhalima – “Evolution Reloaded”
Audius – “House of Stones”
Tariro neGitare – “Tariro neGitare”

Best Afro Pop Music
Shingai Mangoma – “Hokoyo”
Magen’a – “Magen’a Music”
ExQ – “Music Bank”
L Kat – “Goodlife”
Xtra Large – “Large and in Charge”

Best Dancehall Music
Jimmy Wailer    “Voice in the Waves”
Soul Jah Love    Ndini uya uya
Shinsoman    No Doubt
Sniper Storm    Silver Bullet
Hebron Mash    “Chigiyo Roots Revival”

Best Jazz Music
Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa     “Gogodera”
Ruzivo and Clare Nyakujara    “Ndega zvangu”
Clare    “Unleashed”
Alexio Kawara    “Tose”
Malimbah    “African Sun”

Best Traditional Gospel Music
Kudzi Nyakudya    “Mabasa”
Sis Thoe    “Jehova Nkosi Yami”
Fungisai Mashavave    “Social Facts”
Mathias Mhere    “Anoita Minana”
Pastor Olindah Marowa Ziwenga    “Jehovah Tshuvah”

Best Contemporary Gospel Music
Alexander Zinyongo    “Open Heavens”
Hick Gwarimbo    “My Heart My Guitar”
Sabastian Magacha    “Tinaye Faithful God”
Pastor G    “Unstoppable”
Alexander Zinyongo    “Gospel hour”

Best Alternative Music
Mzoe7 Mr Gagagugu    “The Moogunation”
Yolanda Candice    “Yolanda Candice”
Cynthia Mare    “Songs My Mother Loved”
Selmor Mtukudzi    “Expressions”
Edith Weutonga    “Songs My Mother Loved”

Best Collaboration
Fungisai     “Gore Rapera”
Sani Makhalima ft Umsindo All Stars    “Zvachose”
Ngonie ft Tally B    “Zvaunondiita so”
Sabastian Magacha ft Bethany Pasinawako    “1+1”
Madiz ft Nox    “Anondisparka”
Best Single
DJ Stavo    “Ingoma”
Ngonie Kambarami    “I Have Come a Long Way”
Trevor Dongo    “Handisi Kumira”
Cynthia Mare    “Zuvarimwe (Dai Zvaibvira)”
Winky D    “Pazvikona”

Best Music Video of the Year
Andy Cutta    “Juice Box”    Alaina
Andy Cutta    “Waiting for Love”    Blackbird
Bless Gatsi    “Ndashamisika”    Trevor Dongo
Nick Compas    |Ingoma”    DJ Stavo
Slimmerz    “Zvandadiwa”    Nox

Best Producer of the Year
Macdonald Chidavaenzi    “Eternity”    Trevor Dongo
T Mann    “The Singles Collection 2012”    Various Artists
Russel Chiradza    “This Is Hit Singles”    Various Artists
Sani Makhalima     “Evolution Reloaded”    Sanii Makhalima
Mono    “Anatha Brick 6 compilation”    Various Artists

Best Engineer of the Year
Warren H    “Women of South Samora”    Women of south Samora
Obediah Matulana    “Isimbazu/Chimbadzo”    Obediah Matulana
Dr Clarence    “Mbiratronix House Mix”    Dr Clarence
Gabz Fire    “Let Jah Rise”    Gabz Fire

Special Categories

Best Male
1. Soul Jah Love – “Ndini Uya Uya”
2. Shinsoman – “No Doubt”
3. Sniper Storm – “Silver Bullet”
4. Jah Prayzah – “Tsviriyo”
5. Sabastian Magacha – “Tinaye Faithful God“

Best Female
1.    Cynthia Mare – “Songs My Mother Loved”
2.    Pastor Olinda Marowa Ziwenga – “Jehovah Tshuvah”
3.    Edith Weutonga – “Kwacha”
4.    Fungisai Mashavave – “Social Facts”
5.    Clare – “Unleashed”

Best New Comer
1.    Malimbah – African Sun
2.    MMT – MMT LP
3.    Davina Green – Davina Green
4.    Yolanda Candice – Yolanda Candice
5.    Skaiva- Skaiva Singles

Album Of The Year
1. Jah Prayzah – “Tsviriyo”
2. Soul Jah Love – “Ndini Uya Uya”
3. Mathias Mhere – “Anoita Minana”
4. Tehn Diamond – “Tehn Diamond”
5. UFIC – “We Are Family”

Best Duo/Group
1. UFI Choir – “We Are Family”
2. Black Umfolosi – “Summertime”
3. Mawungira Enharira- “Ndodyiwa Nemakava”
4. Zimpraise – “The Covenant”
5. Malimbah

Chairman’s Award:
Dickson Chingaira – Cde Chinx