Vice-President Joice Mujuru has challenged church leaders to participate in efforts aimed at promoting unity and peace in the country ahead of watershed elections expected later this year.

Speaking during a Ministers Fraternal for Churches and Denominations prayer, were she was guest of honour in Gweru, Mujuru said the church should advocate for national unity as it brings people together from various walks of life.

She indicated that churches and government should work closely in order to promote peace.

“The church is one social institution where there is no discrimination based on political affiliation or social-economic backgrounds. The role of the church is bringing people together as one family,” she said.

Mujuru added: “Church and politics should work hand in hand. It is the duty of the church to unite people from all walks of life. That spirit of oneness has been there and was further cemented by liberation struggle which brought people of different tribes and cultural backgrounds together.

“For that reason, Zimbabweans should remain united. The church also has been supportive even the liberation struggle. Therefore, the church should also take part in jealously guarding the gains of the revolution.”

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