The new millennium saw the birth of a wave of Apostolic choral music which won the hearts of many at the expense of instrumental gospel. This era also marked the advent of uncountable choral groups which automatically led to the overshadowing of other gospel genres.

These days, instrumental gospel takes back its top position. A number of Apostolic groups disappeared into thin air having released one or two albums. Mabasa Avatumwa, who scooped the 2010 National Art Merit Award of best choral trophy, disappeared in the same direction after his “Mandigonera” hit.

The video track accompanying Avatumwa’s “Mandigonera” that you can watch below contains photographs taken in the Anglican cathedral in Harare at the time of the visit of Archbishop Rowan Williams to Zimbabwe last year. There are also present photos of President Mugabe speaking to an Apostolic sect congregation as well as an image of Prime Minister Tsvangirai among the Vapostori. At the very end of the video, there is a picture of Catholic Archbishop Emeritus Pius Ncube walking with a wooden cross in his hands.

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