Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections and political situation seems to have gone spiritual as several regional and local prophets have ‘prophesied’ Zimbabwe’s way forward.

First to prophecy about Zimbabwe’s 2013 situation was Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who on 31 December 2012 spoke in riddles, supposedly to avoid courting unnecessary political turmoil, that in 2013 a great wall shall fall in Zimbabwe and thousands of people will die thereafter.

Makandiwa however added that civil servants would restore their economic viability as their salaries shall be substantial once more.

Second to prophesy about Zimbabwe’s political situation was a Kenyan prophet, Maxillar Mumo, founder of Christ Legacy Ministries (Kenya), who, on 30 July said:

“Morgan Tsvangirai is anointed of God to lead the nation of Zimbabwe. Tell the nations the Lord says no matter how long they work against this Word, it shall come to pass because the Lord God is going to watch over His Word to perform it.”

The prophet, a few days later added:

“God continued to speak concerning the shakeup of Zimbabwe and change of power today! Power must change Hands He says! As I was in the Spirit; I went into a vision and I saw that when Robert Mugabe is no longer in power, there will be great torture, humiliation and very hard times for his family and those that were close to him!”.

On Sunday 4 August, another Malawian Prophet reportedly  prophesied that Tsvangirai would become Zimbabwe’s president 2 months after the controversial elections.

“I’m seeing a very old garment in this great Southern African Nation. People are wondering how and why people should continue to wear it. I also see some controversy surrounding the just ended elections in that country. Because of the controversy, I don’t see the president of that country last 2 months in office” he said to the amusement of many,” said the Malawian prophet Chilomoni, of the Shepherd Ministry.

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