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Stephen Chigorimbo: We need more preachers on radio, we need more preachers on television

December 18, 2012 by Moses Chibaya
Earlier this month, I went to see prominent Zimbabwean director and producer Stephen Tayengwa Chigorimbo (62). Some of you might not know that Chigorimbo is also an elder with a Pentecostal church. He goes to Apostolic Faith Mission in Harare’s Avonlea suburb. We talked about faith, inter-religious dialogue and developing media skills to communicate ...

Traditional dance, Apostolics and child development in Zimbabwe

April 30, 2012 by Moses Chibaya
Efforts to revive traditional dance in some areas of the country are being derailed by religious beliefs among some sections of the community whose values go against traditional practices. The trend has added on to the multitude of challenges threatening the survival of the traditional dance sector in Zimbabwe, chief among ...