Dear Apostle/Prophet Makandiwa,

You were recently named the most influential young person of 2012. This was high praise indeed and a testimony to the force of your expanding influence.

I am a religious woman and I too have flirted with the Pentecostal persuasion. I point this out for no other reason than to make it clear that I am not a hostile opponent. Far from it, I am actually a sister in the faith.
I write to you in this public space not at all to poke fun at religion or to desrespect your Apostolic/Prophetic office. Again, it is not out of doctrinal or theological motivations that I have taken to pen. My aim is to examine the facts of what you claim against the reality of what prevails.
You, together with Uebert Angel, Prophet Passion, Apostle Java and others have taken the nation by storm. It is your claim that God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. What happened in the time of Moses and Jesus still happens today. More precisely it is your claim that these things happen in your church services.
This power of God is often manifested and expressed through men and women falling uncontrollably to the ground, wailing loudly or shaking vigorously, as they lay on the floor. All this is very interesting.
In addition to this, your message lays claim to the book of Malachi and demands 10% in tithes. If your congregation pays this sum they will be blessed and have so much blessing that they will not have room to contain it. It will be too much, too much blessing. Again this is all very good.
I wish to speak by way of metaphor. Electricity is power. It cares little whether you place a stove, fridge, vibrator, microwave or television before it. Electricity will flow and power the device. At no point will a socket complain that its power is exclusively for microwaves. I imagine the power of God you claim is among you is of similar spirit.
The power of God can open the eyes of the blind as Jesus did. The power of God can split the Red Sea as demonstrated by Moses. The power of God can rain down fire upon the earth as demostrated by Elijah when he battled the prophets of Baal. This is the same power of God that is at work in your churches. As you say, God is the same yesterday, today and forever more.
Now there is something I find troubling. I notice you speak much about the power of God to give the poor money. However, seeing that making money is actually not miraculous in itself (see Bill Gates and others) I was hoping that you or your followers could point me out to other miraculous acts that you are performing. Jesus said those who believed in him would do greater things than him.
You often have cameras in your services. Do you have any video recording of an amputee being restored to fullness in the mighty name of Jesus? The nasty independence war left many such unfortunate people amongst us courtesy of the landmines planted by the Rhodesian forces. These people are suffering without limbs. I know that with God all things are possible. I also know that God is with you Apostle.
Perhaps no amputees have attended your services. As such you may not have had the chance to perform that manner of miracle. In that case, I would ask if you have any video footage of a blind man born without eyeballs being given sight? I know that with God all things are possible. I also know God is with you Apostle.
Perhaps blind men are yet to visit but there is a scripture of Lazarus that so blesses my soul. He was raised from the dead. The man was already dead, buried and rotting. Is there any video recording of you or your fellow miracle workers digging up a body at Warren Hills or Kumbudzi and reuniting the departed with their mourning loved ones?
I have watched many of your videos in which great testimonies are given about something that happened somewhere to someone. Oddly enough I am so unlucky that each video I watch never actually has a miracle. Instead someone is talking about a miracle. Recently I watched Benny Hinn tell an intriguing tale about how he was praying for someone somewhere and they suddenly transformed into large scary python.
As I said earlier, I believe if the power of God is in you that it will certainly manifest beyond money matters. Even heathens can make money if they work hard. If you give a service you get money. It is on this basis that I am disinterested in money miracles.
Let me take you back to the world of metaphors. Imagine we were all farmers and a great prophet came amongst us. This great prophet promised that if one prayed very hard and gave 10% of their previous harvest they would be blessed with a harvest of garlic, cucumbers, onions, carrots and other wonderful fruits of the earth.
These would miraculously just grow because the bible says you will reap where you did not sow. Thousands of men and women would surrender their 10% and wait eagerly for the spiritual harvest. I imagine that months would pass but nothing would appear in their fallow fields.
However, those who had planted seed would find that their seed would germinate and if nurtured this seed would grow and in time produce a harvest. But notice that even the unbeliever next door who planted his seed would similarly have a harvest. He would harvest even without giving the 10%.
It is on this basis that I reject the miracle of money. Even the non-believer can make money Apostle. I want to see you perform a real miracle. I know you can do it papa because God is with you.
With that in mind I humbly request that next time you hold a crusade please perform a miracle, even if only one. There are thousands of people with Downs Syndrome. Just take one, just one Apostle. Take one and make him whole again. I want to hear someone saying, “I used to have Downs Syndrone but I am healed.”
Another option is to make those people who are falling under the power of God float. Even heathens can fall down. Yes even drunkards can fall down after consuming intoxicating beverages. But I want to see you perform a miracle that only God can do. Those women who fall under the power every Sunday please make one of them float in the air instead. I just want to see a miracle papa, please.
If all that fails I will have to accept a lesser dermatological miracle. Apostle I am sure you are well aware that Morgan Tsvangirai suffers a devastating skin condition. I would accept it as a miracle if you prayed for him and gave him normal skin without holes in it.
Yours truly,
Amai Jukwa, a loving mother of three, who respects Robert Mugabe is amused by Tsvangirai and feels sorry for Mutambara.

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