reprinted with corrections and additions from the Zimbabwe Metro

Emmanuel Makandiwa, founder of the United Family International Church, roused Harare with a 61-piece Italian-made Public Announcement system (said to be the only one of its kind in Africa). He has also acquired a 500 kWa back-up generator for the religious meeting.

The generator can fire up a mini factory and consumes up to 90 litres of diesel per hour. These kind of “monsters” are not only sourced from Europe, but cost quite a significant amount of money as well as expertise to install them. According to a local Perkins agent, a unit of this kind costs up to US$100,000. While competing brands such as Spain’s Gesan cost slightly more.

In a country where people rely on diesel generators to power their homes, and businesses, Makandiwa’s means are sharply illustrated and contrasted with the fact that an ordinary stove is fired by 5 kW.

The “man of God” reportedly will be flying in sound engineers and other technicians from abroad to service the newly-acquired equipment.

According to recent media reports, the massive Radio Cine Forniture PA equipment required two 30-ton trucks to move around the mind-blowing system.

As Makandiwa’s church continues to grow, so is his car park.  He was seen driving around in a Lexus 570 SUV.