reprinted with additions from IN TOUCH WITH CHURCH AND FAITH #169, a Jescom publication

“Life-Lines”, well known for the productions of Catholic DVDs and CDs, especially of Zimbabwean liturgical music, is publishing a hymn book in Shona, Tinokutendai Mambo.

Tinokutendai Mambo hymn book

Sister Tendai Makonese OP, director of “Life-Lines”, tells us that the new hymn book will have 1, 222 texts of Shona hymns, plus over 80 texts of the old Chishawasha hymns which are still popular. The book has been compiled in cooperation with composers and church musicians from all dioceses in the country. It has the approval of the Bishops’ Conference.

It has more than 500 pages and sells for $ 10 (maximum). “Life-Lines” is planning to print 20,000 copies, but this will only be possible if the initial sales prove successful.

Life-Lines has been badly affected by “pirates” who copied their DVD and CD productions illegally.

Efforts are being made to organize the sale of the new hymn book in such a manner that enough copies can be printed for all who want them: composers, choirmasters and -mistresses, liturgy committees, priests and individual Catholics in all Shona-speaking Catholic parishes in the country.