The Council of Churches in Zambia will embark on mass prayers in Livingstone for the successful hosting of the UNWTO General Assembly, says Fr Emmanuel Chikoya.

An Anglican priest, Fr Chikoya, said politicians should affirm each other and criticise constructively as there is no enemy in the political arena but only rivals.

Fr Chikoya, priest in charge of Livingstone’s St Andrews Church, said the opposition should not shun the UNWTO General Assembly to be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe from the August 24 to 29.

“The CCZ will on July 18 and August 21 hold mass prayers in preparation for the UNWTO as a way of contributing to the development of the country at large because we believe with God we can make a difference,” Fr Chikoya said.

He further thanked the Zambian PF government for creating employment opportunities for the youths in Livingstone through the council and the road network projects in the area. “The government has really done a commendable job through these developmental activities. But they should make sure that the people doing these works do not panic. We don’t want haphazard jobs. Neither do we want mediocre works that will compromise the quality after spending vast amounts of money, but something that will leave lasting benefits to the people of Livingstone.”

He said developmental projects should always be there with or without international events.
“We should not associate development to elections or international events like UNWTO. But we hope these projects will continue countrywide bearing in mind that we are all Zambians regardless of the political parties we belong to,” he added.