Finance Minister Tendai Biti has jokingly challenged Spirit Embassy founder Prophet Uebert Angel and United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to “produce” over USD10 billion required to liquidate government’s debt and to fund national programmes.

This follows claims that Prophet Angel enables congregants to “miraculously” receive money in their pockets and bank accounts.

“I respect the men of God, Angel and Makandiwa because of the miracles they are performing. But if they are printing real money, I am asking them to deposit the money in our [Treasury] account at CBZ so that we can pay some of our arrears,” said Minister Biti.

It was reported that Prophet Angel delivered miracle money to congregants at the Botswana miracle night crusade recently and at the crossover night at City Sports Centre in Harare.

Secretary-General of Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference Fr Fredrick Chiromba was quoted in the media as saying it was the duty of the State to regulate on financial matters and to consider whether the “miracle money” complied with financial systems of the country.

Apostle Patrick Zimba of Kairos International Ministries said money is owned by central banks all over the world and every note had a serial number. He said it was not clear whether the ‘miracle money’ had serial numbers.