According to H-Metro Zim, Lovemore Chiponda, a self-confessed Apostle, failed Sunday in his attempt to put the powers of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to the test. Lovemore Chiponda (39) claims to be a direct descendant of early Rozvi priest Gombwe Chandada.

Lovemore Chiponda and Prophet Makandiwa (right). Photo:

The distinctly direct man added rather confidently that no one has been able to exorcise the fearsome evil spirit that  “resides” in him. Lovemore is challenging Makandiwa, the founder of United Family of International Ministries (UFI), to step in and be his EXORCIST! “I hear Makandiwa is a powerful man, I want to see if he is able to cure me because I have a big demon on me.”

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