Distressed companies in Zimbabwe hope to leverage on superpopular church leaders like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as well as get free prison labour from government. 

Speaking at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting in Victoria Falls recently, TN Holdings chairperson Tawanda Nyambirai said business should engage churches which have become popular among the masses in order to recover.“Just imagine talking to Prophet Makandiwa, the guy can pull crowds in their thousands. Imagine if you can leverage from his network. He can fill the National Sports Stadium. If 60,000 people from his church can contribute USD5 each to your company, how much can you make? You can make a profit while at the same time they will be making something for their church?” said Nyambirai.

The United Families International Ministries founder is emerging as a popular brand among church-going Zimbabweans, having twice filled the giant National Sports Stadium to its full capacity.

Among other solutions that Nyambirai proffered is the use of prison labour by financially distressed firms. “We need to talk to our government on the use of prison labour. There is need to develop a system whereby companies that are in distress can receive labour quotas for free. That can account for a significant income saving as companies can cook sadza [Zimbabwean staple food] for prisoners. There is something for the prisoners and for the government. It is something that the government can do because it is non-controversial and adds value to business,” explained his position Nyambirai.

Several months ago, TN Holdings partnered with Zimbabwe’s Catholics to launch 2013 World Youth Day fund via its TN Asset Management division.