Pentecostal prophet Uebert Angel recently took his miracle sessions to South Africa where it is claimed congregants received miracle money while dysfunctional electrical gadgets allegedly started working.

Angel, who together with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa have been criticised for their antics, declared that God wanted to prove that everything was possible “in the name of Jesus.”

Hundreds of names of people, car number plates, names of dead relatives, family members sex, colour of vehicles, birthmarks and even one’s gold tooth and all other intricate details, were prophesied by Angel.

The bizarre session was broadcast on his Miracle TV and watched by people from as far as the United States, China, India, Austria and Africa. The conference dubbed The Greatest is Love is being hosted by Prophet Kobus.

“There is no need for a Christian Civil War; we are all members of one family. Don’t attack a brother, if you do not understand him or her, take him/her aside as scripture says and understand each other. Love is the answer to all the strife in the Christian community,” Angel said.

He then went on: “What I am about to do, is due to the grace and anointing upon my Brother Prophet Makandiwa. God has given him grace to perform mind-blowing creative miracles and one such act is instant weight loss.

“All I had to do is accept and love my brother and his grace becomes mine. I didn’t need to compete with him. I didn’t need to go spend hours in prayer so that I could do what he is able to do. I just had to love the man.

“So, instant weight loss has been pioneered by Prophet Makandiwa (the recorded acts in Christian history where mainly random not a deliberate action or command by the man of God as what Prophet Makandiwa did).

“He pioneered instant weight loss just like Angel took Miracle money to the world stage”.

A lady could not believe the miracle of her husband who lost weight instantly. She was shaking clapping her hands in total disbelief. A certain lady looked as if she had taken on someone else dress, after she lost weight in a moment.

Hundreds of people queued with their testimonies and weight was miraculously disappearing. Angel was not yet done. He pulled another miracle that confounded imagination.

Thousands electrical gadgets, yes, electrical gadgets dead for years came to life, after Angel declared that God wanted to prove that at the name all things should bow, of things in heaven and earth.

“If electrical gadgets, could listen to the voice of Jesus how much more humans” Angel bellowed. Thousands of TVs, cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, stoves, irons came to life in an instant. People were texting and calling through the live broadcast. A car dead for two years was restored to life, according to one text.

White people were left in the queue testifying. Angel stated that: “These signs and wonders have nothing to do with Angel. I did not fast for this grace neither did I pray for it. God just choose me and I have NO explanation why he choose me.

“He chooses me against all odds, and I am the most undeserving of people. It’s called Election by Grace; I have not worked for this office. It’s God’s grace that went past my sins,” he said. Then came miracle money:

“Like my brother said, we serve a God that doesn’t behave. We wish he would behave at times but he just does as he feels at the moment. Without me praying or declaring miracle money, Miracle Money has started to manifest.

“Even if do not call Miracle Money. If God wants it he will call it. Lucky you if you have a God you put in a box a God you can control. My God controls me, i am just an instrument at his mercy,” said Angel.

The white folk were in total amazement as hundreds of people received miracle money understood to be ranging from R20 to R100 000. Angel could only say “all you have lost is getting restored.”

Prophet Kobus had publicly acknowledged the gift of signs and wonders bestowed by God on Angel. He mentioned that Angel had prayed for him, mid last year when he was stricken by cancer.

He was on his deathbed and was not expected to live beyond 4 months by medical doctors. He got a prophetic word from Angel of his healing and thanked God for the healing anointing bestowed on Angel by God.

According to Prophet Kobus, God had sent his servant Uebert Angel and he was made well to the amazement of all the doctors. All the cancer cells had been burnt by the power of God.

Angel’s world tour, which began many years ago, has taken him across the globe, including United States and Australia.

Recently he was at Rodney Howard Brown’s ministry were signs and wonders flowed. Rodney Howard is to gifts of the spirit what Billy Graham is to Evangelism. Much more is expected this year from Angel’s world tour.