Zimbabwe Pastors Fellowship are clamouring for peace, tolerance and respect through hosting peace prayers.

Their information and publicity officer Morris Chivandire said, “The church is failing to perform its role, so we decided to examine its role in society and then we came up with the idea of hosting peace prayers. Churchs’ impact in society leaves a lot to be desired, they are fighting for converts instead of taking a leading role in molding society.”

“I am urging every Zimbabwean to unite despite our differences because one thing that bind us together is the fact we are our Zimbabweans”, added Chivandire.

Zimbabwe Pastors Fellowship were surprised with the attendance at the Chitungwiza Peace Prayer. “We did not expect such a big crowd. This is our first step. Hopefully people will come in numbers. We are going to have another peace prayer at the National Sports Stadium on Africa Day”, said the spokesperson.

Zimbabwe Pastors Fellowship is a group of more than 200 pastors from various churches.