Video: Canadian Christian, “Trip to Zimbabwe changed the way I teach”

December 27, 2012
“I saw God there. More than I had seen God ever in my life. It’s changed the way I shop, it’s changed the way I buy food, the way that I eat in general. It’s changed the way I teach,” says one of The Meeting House of Canada volunteers to Zimbabwe. ...

Video: Canadians visit Mennonite Central Committee partners in Bulawayo

November 20, 2012
Every year a small team from The Meeting House, a church in Canada, travels to Africa. Last year, they came to Bulawayo to spend time learning about Mennonite Central Committee partnering organizations there. Photographer Paul Bettings who travels the world working on projects with the likes of World Vision, provided ...

Mthulisi Dube launches 3 gospel albums in Zimbabwe

May 1, 2012
reprinted with minor corrections and additions from the Newsday   Mthulisi Dube, a Zimbabwean gospel musician based in the United Kingdom, recently launched three albums in Bulawayo: “Isinqumo,” “Uhlalekhona” and “Wenzeni Na?”  Dube, who has been out of the country for the past 10 years, told Newsdaythat he decided to ...