Video: Child choir at Mother of Peace Community in Mutoko

December 19, 2012
Set up in 2004, Mother of Peace Community UK provides funding for the MOPC orphanage in Mutoko, Mashonaland East Province. The orphanage was founded in 1994 in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe. A central part of life in the community is the Roman Catholic Church, although people from any ...

The Life of John Bradburne (as narrated by Ambuya Colletta Mafuta) Trailer

June 20, 2011
The Life of John Bradburne  is a 30- minute documentary produced and directed by Collen Magobeya. Ambuya Colletta Mafuta, a leprosy patient narrates the story of John Randall Bradburne, a lay member of the Order of St Francis, a poet, warden of the Mutemwa leper colony at Mutoko (1969 – 1979). ...