Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa allegedly said Zimbabwe could plunge into darkness and thousands of people could die due to the collapse of a “great wall” if authorities do not move with speed to avert the looming calamity.

According to NewsDay, should this prophecy be about the Kariba Dam (which provides hydro-electric power to Zimbabwe and Zambia and controls 40% of Zambezi River’s run-off water) and if it comes to pass, many people living along the Zambezi River may be swept away by raging floods.

However, Energy and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma allayed fears of an imminent collapse of the dam wall, saying technicians from both Zambia and Zimbabwe were already rehabilitating the structure.

“Some of these prophecies shall not be completed this year but shall begin this year,” Makandiwa reportedly stated at the church’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Chitungwiza.

Other United Family International Ministries leader’s predictions included:

“As other people are all focusing on diamonds, I saw as if we have not been accepted and appreciated for what we have, but as we prayed I see powerful nations opening their hands receiving our minerals!”

“Every month we shall put aside a date when we shall hold all-night prayers. Lots is going to be happening form there. If they talked last year this year they shall be talking even more!”

“You think there is congestion in towns [now]. I see lots of people including those you could not even imagine will also be driving their own cars.”

“I see the Lord intervening for you at the borders. Duties will be slashed down. I see a certain system dying. Business shall be easy to do. Making money shall be easy and you shall be able to glorify God and worship him with substance.”

For more Makandiwa’s prophecies for 2013 go to Nehanda Radio.

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