Christians urged to register as voters

December 18, 2012
Christians in Bulawayo were urged to register as voters in the 2013 elections so as to chart their own destiny through the ballot. Speaking at a pastors’ Conference in Bulawayo last Thursday, Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals Gorden Moyo said the church plays a pivotal role in the governance ...

What the destruction of Timbuktu in Mali has in common with Zimbabwean Christians’ attitude to the traditional Shona religion

October 12, 2012
by Tendai Huchu This summer, Islamist fighters attacked and destroyed centuries-old mausoleums and tombs in Mali’s Timbuktu with pick axes. Whatever their doctrinal rationale for doing this, they were not only destroying their own heritage, but a vital inheritance for the whole world. Iconoclasm is nothing new and has been ...

Evangelical cyclists bike across the US for AIDS sufferers in Zimbabwe

June 13, 2011
Some tough, God-loving cyclists met last Sunday in Mission Viejo’s Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in California before biking cross-country for the victims of AIDS in Zimbabwe and a number of other countries on Africa. Ride for Hope Coast to Coast is an evangelical charity that brings food and other necessaries ...