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Salvation Army in Zimbabwe: transfering doctors is routine procedure

August 22, 2012
The Salvation Army says it will expel Dr Paul Thistle from the church if he continues to defy orders to relocate to Canada. This follows reports that Dr Thistle, who was supposed to return to Canada last Sunday, had changed his position and was still in Zimbabwe. Hundreds of people in ...

Canadian Volunteers Stuck in Zimbabwe

August 22, 2012
Outside Howard hospital in Chiweshe (Mashonaland Central), drums throbbed as hundreds of local people — who had gathered there earlier in the day to protest a decision made weeks before to remove the hospital’s head doctor — grew violent, some lobbing rocks through the air as others reportedly overturned a Salvation Army truck. ...

Video: Woman who travelled to Salvation Army’s Howard hospital for three hours about Dr. Paul Thistle

August 22, 2012
Video: Woman who travelled to Salvation Army’s Howard hospital for three hours about Dr. Paul Thistle This video by the Short Term International Medical Missions Abroad is a short interview with a Zimbabwean woman whose sister had just given birth. They made a 3-hour trip to receive treatment at Howard Hospital in Chiweshe (Mashonaland Central). For over 16 years, Dr. Paul Thistle and his medical team have provided advanced medical ...

What a graduate of the UZ medical school thinks of the ‘salvation’ from the white Howard Hospital doctor

August 22, 2012
Unless you have been living in a cave the past month or so, you most likely have come across news that Salvation Army‘s Dr. Paul Thistle who through his dedicated service for the past 16 years has endeared himself to the community of Chiweshe (Mashonaland Central) in particular, will be leaving Howard ...

Salvation Army doctor’s family back to Canada to fundraise for Howard Hospital

July 17, 2012
The Canadian-born Zimbabwe-based doctor  Paul Thistle, who runs the Salvation Army’s Howard Hospital (one of the biggest hospital in Mashonaland Central), was in Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) with his family to take part in a fundraiser for the facility. More than 100 people enjoyed a dinner from the Shish Kabob Hut, live ...

Salvation Army hospital in Chiweshe looks for funding

March 14, 2012
A multi-million dollar hospital project in Chiweshe at Howard Hospital hangs in the air after failing to meet the Ministry of Health requirements. This forced patients to remain in overcrowded wards at one of the biggest hospital in Mashonaland Central. The new hospital that was completed in 2006 failed to take in patients after ...
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