Another Zimbabwean is awarded Benemerenti medal

May 20, 2011
At the beginning of May, Mr. James Kuseri, who this month completes 30 years of service to the Apostolic Nunciature in Harare,  was awarded the Vatican Benemerenti medal.   Mr Kuseri joined the Nunciature in Harare  on May 3 1981, as the official driver of the papal embassy. He has been with the ...

Reflections on Mugabe and the Vatican

May 18, 2011
James Kirchick, who has reported from Zimbabwe, in a recent article entitled “Love the Sinner. Why is Robert Mugabe visiting the Vatican?” analyzes the uneasy relationship between the Vatican and Zimbabwe’s President. “Robert Mugabe has long been an admirer of the Catholic Church. Born at a Catholic mission station in ...